ShihTzu Care


Special Grooming

This type of dog is rather flexible in regard to their coat; having actual hair rather than fur permits whatever from a shaved to a long program coat. No matter the length of your Shih Tzu coat, only a couple grooming techniques will be required.

Grooming will consist of brushing, baths, nails, paw and nose care, cleaning the face, touch-ups in between baths, and a few others.

There might be times when you will be required to compete with tear stains, odd smells, coat issues, dry skin, and other problems.

Shihtzu History

Tibetan lamas reproduced the Shih Tzu (more than likely from a Lhasa Apso and Pekinese) to look like small lions. They are typically associated with Buddhism. These little balls of fur are much more safe than a real lion!

The lamas provided these "little lions" to Chinese royalty who had their furry friends sleep at the end of their beds in order to keep their feet warm. These royals likewise referred to Shih Tzus as "chrysanthemum pet dogs" since the hair growing from their faces looked like the petals of this specific flower.

The Shih Tzu nearly vanished as a type after Chinese imperials came to an end and individuals wished to forget the old days. Fortunately, some immigrants had actually been offered some Shih Tzus. Luckily 14 of them survived. You can bet that all of Shih tzu we have today can trace their origins back to these 7 males and 7 females who had the ability to restore the breed.