Black Russian Terrier

two black russian terriers

I too became curious about the Black Russian Terrier when I was thinking about getting a dog recently. I wanted more information about these big docile dogs. The Black Russian Terrier was first bred to guard military installations and various penal colonies. At first sight, they appear bigger than the average dog

If the Black Russian Terrier were a human variation of the watchful watchdog they were reproduced to be, you would certainly want them to be your guard throughout one of the most disquieting times. An inherent safety instinct is established by the time they are only a year old.

When integrated with the massive size, dexterity, nerve, courage, and also power of this beautiful bearded charm, that instinct develops an exceptional guard dog that enjoys having fun with their family members's youngsters and also socialize at hand. Black Russian Terriers need love and affection from humans, as well as they'll wait at the back entrance until you allow them in since having fun is simply no fun without humans or other pets.

The Black Russian is a functioning work dog that reacts ideally to firm and regular training. You need to appreciate them or they will not endure your command. Without a task to do as well as not having any early training, a Black Russian Terrier can quickly come to be harmful and also bored, as well as at that body size, they might do some genuine damages.

They're so clever, it's terrifying. The Black Russian Terrier may not be an excellent selection if you really feel that you can not live with a canine that is smarter than you are. Bear in mind that this breed has traditionally been made use of to benefit the army and also authorities (although nowadays they're frequently involved in securing house and also fireplace).

That knowledge indicates they learn very quickly however they can actually be stubborn at times. so you require to be the one accountable from the start. If you enjoy efficiency competitors, such as dexterity, obedience, or Schutzhund, this dog is an all-natural entertainer that recognizes just how to wow a crowd. They'll additionally succeed at search and also rescue.

Black Russian Terrier Allergies

Allergic reactions are an usual condition in pet dogs, and also the Black Russian Terrier is no exemption. There are 3 primary kinds of allergic reactions:

  • Food allergic reactions
  • these are dealt with by removing particular foods from the canine's diet plan.

  • Contact allergies
  • which are triggered by a response to a topical compound such as bed linen, flea powders, dog hair shampoos, as well as various other chemicals

  • Inhalant allergies
  • These are are triggered by air-borne irritants such as dirt, mold, and also plant pollen.



An effective, powerful, large breed, the Black Russian Terrier's weight can vary from 80 to 140 pounds (although 140 is a little bit above average). Male Black Russian Terriers can measure about 27 to 30 inches high in height. Females are usually 26 to 29 inches.


The Black Russian Terrier is a good dog to have. It will make sure you are safe no matter what the cost.