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Black Russian Terrier | My Personal | Experience

I too became curious about the Black Russian Terrier when I was looking to buy a dog recently. I wanted more information about these big docile dogs.

The Black Russian Terrier was first bred to guard military instillations and various penal colonies.
At first sight, they appear bigger than the average dog; they have good strong bone structure and are ideally suited to being an outdoor dog.Black Russian Terrier

A fully grown mature Black Russian Terrier is between 27 and 30 inches. The bitches are slightly smaller at 26- 29 inches. Due to it’s built they are strong dogs and can run very fast. The Black Russian Terrier is a bright intelligent dog and can easily be trained to your own specific standards.

It is by nature a quiet placid dog and will enjoy being a family pet and is suitable in the presence of young children.

Generally, the male Black Russian Terrier is larger than the female and therefore easy to tell apart. It is encouraged in shows for the bitch to look feminine but done in a way that does not distract from the best features of this breed.

Black Russian Terrier

They are a very energetic dog and defend their home territory well, largely due to generations of breeding. It is an inherent part of their nature to guard and protect.

Fortunately, they do this in a natural way and are never seemingly aggressive which makes them ideal in or out of the home environment.

The dogs have a thick double layer coat which is tousled, the thickness of the coat enabled them to endure the harsh Russian winters. The outer coat feels thicker and dryer than their soft undercoat. The colour of their coat is nearly always black a few have a peppering of grey in their coat. They do need regular trimming but their general rugged appearance suits a natural look as opposed to a sharp close cut trim.

They also enjoy regular walks and are natural healers and so can be let free without a leash.
The Black Russian Terrier is a social dog and thrives on human contact, it not a dog to be ignored in a kennel at the end of the garden.

Black Russian Terrier

Due to their easy-going placid temperament, they are an ideal dog to show and can easily prove their strength and agility.I would recommend the black Russian terrier to anyone who has the time and enthusiasm to love and train them and I feel sure you will reap the rewards daily.

Updated: November 5, 2018 — 10:27 am

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