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Most Important Dog Training Skills in 2018

It is really important that one should know dog training skills if he is about to get one. Dog training skills is an important task as they shall be taught lots of things when at home and when outdoor. Teaching a dog and training a dog are two different things.

Every breed has its different kind of properties like some are really aggressive and some are of quite nature, both the breeds that can train but the breeds which are human-friendly and active can be trained a bit easier than one with aggressive nature.

let me tell you some important dog training skills that are important for a dog to have.

  1. Sit (most important in dog training skills)

It is really important that your dog should be in your control when in home or outdoor. To make your dog sit is an important skill to teach, There are certain times when you want your dog to sit. They need to train for it. You should train your dog for at least 2 hours per day for 2 weeks to make any dog training skills perfect.

dog training skills

The best technique to make your dog sit is to show your hand to him and say “sit”. This need to repeat and repeat, gradually he will start obeying upon your command.

  2. Stop or Leave it

The “stop or leave it” command is one of the most important dog training skills. If your dog becomes aggressive sometime or tries to bite something, it is important that he should understand the leave it commands. It really comes into play when you are outdoors with your dog.

dog training skills


These dog training skills can be made perfect with lots and lots of practice on daily basis. Make sure you repeat the leave it word with your dog at least 3 weeks consecutively or until the skill is mastered.

3. Bathroom Use (Most Important among dog training skills)

Most important among all the dog training skills is the use of the bathroom by your dog or else they can poop anywhere in the house. Firstly, they must be made to poop on a mate or a board in the room so that they get habitual to a certain place where he can poop.

dog training skills

After some days, when the poop time is specified, make them go to the bathroom one a day. At first, they will resist but then gradually they will get used to it.

This is the longest process in dog training skills to perfect them.

dog training skills


Make the bathroom a bit interesting for them (as in the image), and then they will disappoint you.

There are many more dog training skills that need a lot of time to make them perfect, but according to my experieince, these were the most important of them. If you want to start to train your dog, you should first perfect these 3 skills and then proceed to the advanced level but keep in mind its a long process.


Updated: July 21, 2018 — 10:43 am

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