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Irish Doodle Training Tips Guide 2018 (August Update)

Irish Doodle Training is rated as the most popular breeds training across the world, they were rated as they are  number 1 preferred breed in the United States in the 1960’s to mid-1980’s. They originated in Germany as water retrievers and they generally have double coats, consisting of the outer wiry curls and a thick, wooly undercoat. They have long legs, with regal posture, elegant, and dignified disposition.


Clearly, Irish Doodle has an eager to please attitude and intelligence about them that makes it easier to go through the doodle training tips to achieve a well-behaved and obedient pet. Moreover, these Irish Doodle training tips are aimed to make it easier for the owners to communicate with their beloved pets.

Irish Doodle Training


Irish Doodle Training Tips

Irish Doodle Training tips, as the name implies, helps in targeting those unwarranted behaviors we don’t want with our household pets. These Irish Doodle Training tips, however, won’t work as effectively without the help of the entire family. In order for it to be effective, Doodle training tips require patience and consistency.

These Irish Doodle Training tips will provide you with the basics needed in doodle handling.

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First and foremost on the Irish Doodle Training tips list is to never punish your dog. This does not work well with doodles. It can make them shut down and harder to train. They respond more to positive reinforcements with praises and constant love.

Next doodle training tips are to teach a doodle one command at a time. Do not overwhelm the dog with too many complicated orders. This will further confuse your pet.

Irish Doodle Training

Another training tip is to be consistent with your command used with the other members of the family. Sit down with your household members who will be interacting with your new pet and agree with each other on a common protocol in handling your pet. Decide on universal commands and stress the importance of consistency within the family so as to speed up the doodle training process.

Follow up on learned Irish Doodle Training tips. Do not forget to refresh your doodle’s memory on the learned tricks and commands. This will further strengthen the learned behavior. Of course, couple it up with again positive reinforcements every time your doodle gets it right.

Irish Doodle Training

Another one of my doodle training tips is be reasonable. Start out with simple commands. Avoid overwhelming your pet. Also keep in mind to shorten a training session. Limit yourself to around 10 minutes per session to avoid boring your pup.

Limit distractions. You want your doodle’s full attention on you so that he will be focused on the task at hand.

Work on schedules. They function well with a well-structured routine. To sum up doodle training tips, you must maintain consistency and patience so that you can achieve a successful training session with your beloved pet doodles.

Remember, as much as possible, do not scold and punish your doodle. Scolding and punishing never work with doodles when you keep doing that, you will even have an even harder time training your beloved pet.

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Toy doodles can be housebroken easily so you must be able to choose the proper method for training your dog.

Irish Doodle Training

Irish Doodles have special triggers that you can use when you want them to obey your command. It is like having a remote where you have the ability to control them.

You need to have a great deal of dedication and patience on your part to make the  Irish Doodle Training as smooth as possible and as pleasant to your dog as possible. Sooner or later, you will reap the fruits of being patient when you see your dog properly trained.

Updated: August 15, 2018 — 8:04 am

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