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Homeless Dogs Also Need Some Care In the Society

Homeless Dogs had a negative result on the society. When a dog began to live with a person, a psyche of a dog changed a lot. Dogs begin to suffer without a person because they can’t get food, they can’t find a place to live in etc. Of course, some of them obtain the features of the wild animal, but most of them stay devoted to men.

That is why a lot of homeless dogs have appeared as a result of domestication. And it is the fault of people.

There are three main “sources” of Homeless Dogs.

Owners don’t want to have pets anymore and throw them into the streets. When a person realizes that a dog needs special attention and care, that it needs to be walked, fed, taken to the doctor, and then a person doesn’t want to face problems and just abandon his/her pet.

Such cases are especially complicated for dogs, because they may already get used to the house, to the people it lives with, to its place and to the care it receives. Such dogs are helpless in the big city.

Sometimes Homeless Dogs are the results of breeding. When a dog pups, owners have no idea what to do with the puppies. Of course, there are people who give them to the nursery or simple sell. After all, if a dog is of a rare breed and has all the documents it is possible to sell the puppies.

Homeless Dogs

Those who don’t have time for this simply give the puppies as a present to their friends and relatives. Some people put down puppies. But others consider it to be cruel and don’t want to hurt puppies, so the result of it is a Homeless Dog in the streets.

The lost dogs become homeless too. And again it is a fault of the owners. People walk their dogs without dog’s leash. A dog may get frightened by something or may follow another dog or a cat.

Then a dog can’t find the way home and starts to walk around until gets finally lost. As a rule, owners look for their lost dogs and as a result find them. But sometimes there are cases when a dog is not found and it becomes a homeless dog.

Homeless Dogs are very spread in the whole world that is why special service was made to fight this problem. There are special services that look for such dogs and take them to the nurseries.

Then the owner has the possibility to find his/her lost dog. Besides there you can choose the dog if you want to keep a pet. Besides they put the old and ill dogs down, that stops the spread of diseases.

Homeless Dogs

The homeless animals are very dangerous for people. And especially dogs. There are a lot of cases when groups of dogs attacked children and people. Such attacks may be provoked by people or by hunger but sometimes attacks may not have any reason.

Besides, dogs can be potential carriers of diseases. Even a dog with the owner can have some diseases that may pass to people. What can we tell about the homeless? A child can only touch a dog and become infected with some kind of disease. That is why it is necessary to teach your children not to touch animals in the streets. Especially it is forbidden to take them home.

Homeless Dogs may also cause another problem that is their barking. People can’t sleep because of constant barking of a dog at night. To reduce the number of homeless dogs it is necessary to take care about the pets you have and in any case to throw them into the streets but to give them to the nurseries.

Updated: August 10, 2018 — 6:20 am

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