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Best Family Dogs as pets in 2018 (fresh update)

Yeah, It is always a question in mind that which will be best family dogs to have as a pet. This is a real serious question because you have to keep in mind the kids at your home and also the people around the neighborhood.

There are certain dogs which are perfect to have as a pet, who are good in temperament, human loving, and friendly nature. Here are some of them with a little information about them which can help you to choose your breed.


The breeds that come to my mind as I speak about a breed which is helpful and human-friendly are french bulldogs, golden retrievers, and red tiger bulldog.

French Bulldog

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French bulldogs are somehow the best family dogs to have, because of their calm, friendly and silent nature they are always on top of the table in the family dogs list. There are strong dogs with bat type ears. They are loved mostly loved because they don’t bark much and it is a really good sign for your neighbors too.

The best thing about them is that they can adopt to types of families like single, couple and families with a larger number of members.

The only thing you need to take care of the breed is their nutrition. The nutrition needs to be accurate and fresh as there are certain human foods which are good for the breed but there are also some foods which are harmful to their health and this needs to be taken care.

Golden Retriever (best family dogs)


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According to a report, golden retrievers are the best family dogs to have in the United States of America. The breeds are very friendly and always make it to the list whenever the list of best family dogs are marked.

The breed is very sensitive and can easily adapt to any family. They are the best outdoor activities. They are the best choice for hunters as they are excellent to find the blind spots as their smelling sense is way too strong as compared to the other breeds.

Golden Retrievers are strong muscular breed with ears pointed downwards. Their food shall also be taken special care as sometimes they can become overweight, so the daily intake calories must be strictly monitored so that they can health is not affected.


Red Tiger Bulldog

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When it comes to family dogs, red tiger bulldog always makes it to the list of top breeds for the family.

Red Tiger Bulldog is very friendly and the most important and best property of this breed is that they very sharp learners. They do not require special outdoor training. They get in with the family very quickly and are very friendly and loving with children.

They mostly have a reddish nose with strong limbs and muscular body. They are very fast runners with not as long ears as a french or golden retriever.

It is a trustworthy and discerning dog with the desire to under-gird his master. It carries confidence in its eyes and serves as a guard and protector of its master. It is a loving and loyal Family dog but may not be welcoming to an unknown guest. They can be dangerous and aggressive to the strange dogs and animals if not encouraged to do so from a young age.


These were the three choices from my side of family dogs to have, I am sure this will make your decision a bit easier than ever.



Updated: August 4, 2018 — 6:09 pm

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