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American Bulldog (complete guide 2018)


The American Bulldog is sure, delicate, courageous, decided and defensive. American Bulldogs ought not be excessively forceful with different mutts depsite their fearlessness and courage just like the Red Tiger bulldog.

These puppies truly love kids and have solid defensive impulses towards their handler and family. To keep American Bulldogs from winding up excessively defensive or prevailing they should be associated with an assortment of creatures, individuals and circumstances amid puppyhood.

They have a tendency to be held towards outsiders and make incredible guard dogs and monitor mutts. American Bulldogs make really committed and cherishing pets when they get appropriate preparing and socialization from an early age.


American Bulldogs needn’t bother with much prepping aside from when the coat is shedding. Amid these circumstances, the coat ought to be brushed routinely with a firm abound brush to evacuate the dead hairs.


American Bulldogs are amazingly fiery and require a lot of activity. They appreciate long strolls, running, playing get or taking part in nimbleness preliminaries. In the event that American Bulldogs get sufficient day by day practice, they ought to be quiet when inside.


In the 1800s various European settlers brought the first sort of Bulldog from England to the United States. These Bulldogs had been utilized for bull teasing in England until the point that this merciless game ended up unlawful.

Subsequently, these canines vanished from Britain and advanced toward America with common laborers migrants. These mutts were utilized to work with animals, however nearly ended up wiped out before the finish of World War II.

 It was John Johnson, Alan Scott and some other devoted reproducers who figured out how to resuscitate this breed and build up the American Bulldog from them. 

Physical Characteristics:

Outward presentation: Sturdy, athletic, ground-breaking, strong and solid.

Shading: Any shading, shading example, or mix of hues is satisfactory, aside from strong dark, strong blue, and tricolor (white with patches of dark and tan).

Coat: Short, close, and firm to contact.

Tail: Set low, decreasing and can either be characteristic or docked (a characteristic tail is favored).

Ears: Set high, of medium size and might be dropped, semi-pricked or climbed formed. The ears might be trimmed yet characteristic ears are favored.

Body: The chest is profound and decently wide with well sprung ribs. The back is wide and solid with the topline marginally declining downwards. The loin is short, wide, and marginally angled, mixing into a reasonably inclining croup. The flank is tolerably tucked up and firm.

The American Bulldog is higher on the leg and more lithe than the English Bulldog. A portion of these pooches are purportedly ready to jump six feet or more into the air.

The American Bulldog ought not to be mistaken for extraordinarily unique breeds, for example, the Red Tiger Bulldog, American Staffordshire Terrier or the American Pit Bull Terrier.

American Bulldog Food

The all important thing in the journey of a healthy bulldog is how you keep him feed. It is important from the start when they are puppies, they shall be given sufficient food so that their growth is not effected due to lack of food.

They shall be given kibbles from the start so that they become habitual of not eating fastly, and as their growth progress, the basic food like kibbles shall be exchanged slowly with regular fresh milk and dry food like Royal canin.

There should be no compromise on their food and health as they are sensetive breed and also they can get sick pretty quickly which is always not a good sign for the future health of the breed.

One should keep in mind that according to a research the average intake of calories for a bulldog isĀ 1358 daily. It should be mantained, if you want your breed to be healthy, physicaly fit and active thru out his life span.

Extra care of American Bulldog

When it comes to bulldog they are always very sensetive towards the approach of the owner to them, if its Red Tiger Bulldog or the French Bulldog or American Bulldog.

They need to be cared very extra and in a soft manner. All these breeds have loneliness anxiety so whenever you are leaving home for a long time, don’t even think of house holding you Americal Bulldog.

Because they can get really furious and on your arrival back you will find your pillows and other bed sheets pieces all over the floor including some bad stuff in your bathroom too.


At the end, if you are a bulldog lover, you should all these points in your mind before adopting the breed, if you can upto the task then there is no better breed when it comes to loyalty and care then bulldog. Just go for it and it you will see and feel the difference.



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